Friday, August 21, 2009

Health Care....Can we talk about it, or do we have to scream and yell?

The discourse that so often makes me more agitated than I need to be, continues. I've heard so many spins and none of them seem to solve anything. And then there are those who've been showing up at town hall meetings, venting their anger and in some instances, attacking other people in the audience. I just learned that at one gathering, a Black woman had a Rosa Parks poster snatched from her hands, ripped up and then she was hit repeatedly by the same person who'd destroyed her poster. Of course, when law enforcement showed up, they calmed things down by escorting her out of the building. No, not the poster snatcher and assailant, the woman who'd been minding her business and despite that had been approached violently.

So, at this point, I'm going to provide a link to a CNN interview with Tim Wise from August 16 and his essay in which he responds to the rather challenging e-mail messages he received from viewers the following day. Tim's blog is at

The CNN interview is at
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