Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fear of an Already Diverse Planet?

Boy, the fear of an already diverse world is spreading faster than an epidemic. Or perhaps it is an epidemic.

Smith alum Anne Spurzem '84 of Westchester County (her admission) wrote a letter to "The Sophian" (campus newspaper) in which she claims that the quality of a Smith education has decreased dramatically due to the increase in diversity of the student body. She links the college's decision to allow applicants to choose to not have their SAT scores considered during the admission process to unqualified people of diverse backgrounds being granted admission. And so on.

Here is a link to the letter:

Letters to the Editor - Opinions - The Sophian - Smith College's student newspaper since 1910

As a result, Smithies have created both a Facebook page and a Tumblr blog to allow response to Ms. Spurzem's 'letter. "Let's work together Smithies, let's send a message."

Here's the link to the blog:

The organized forum for response makes me even prouder to be a Smith alum. Go Smith women with your intelligence and your grit!
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